Stephen Curry Shows Support To Kevin Durant, Downplays Booing Crowd

By Bien R. Gruba III , Oct 03, 2016 01:32 PM EDT

The curtain riser for 2016 NBA preseason schedule was shown Saturday night. The defending Western Conference champions Golden State Warriors faced the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Arena in Vancouver.

Reports said that during the game, Kevin Durant experienced loud boos and jeers from the audience apparently due to his decision to join the Warriors. Stephen Curry defended his teammate while expressing disbelief in the irrational reaction of the crowd.

The pre-season game between the Golden State and Toronto was supposed to be just another day in the office for the players. It was a chance to shake off rust and lethargy after the season break.

Curry, the 2015 MVP, took to Twitter to express his feelings about the preseason game.

The event was also Durant's first official game as a Golden State player after transferring from Oklahoma City. 

Durant, who like the other four starters of the team, did not suit up in the second half of the pre-season opener. Most teams do not engage their first five during preseason games to prevent them from getting injured.

KD, as Durant is often called, registered nine points on 2-for-9 shooting from the field while also taking down four rebounds and giving out three assists.

Golden State's Klay Thompson led with 16 points but unfortunately his best was not sufficient to lift his team as Toronto got a two-point lead coming into the second half and held on to the lead until the buzzer.

The Raptors won over the Warriors at 97-93.

DeMarre Carroll spearheaded the Raptors' offensive output with 14 points, while teammates DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross added 11 apiece.

During the game Durant was booed by the Raptors crowd apparently for no other reason than simply because he transferred to the Warriors.

Curry defended his teammate, saying that the booing was just pure nonsense and had no rational basis.

"It's just funny. I highly doubt anybody in this arena was affected by (Durant's free-agent decision). It's just funny kind of buying into a narrative that doesn't really make sense. It probably won't be the last time. But he handles it well and at the end of the day it's just about playing basketball," Curry said to reporters after the game.

Curry's concern over the senseless booing was in contrast with the reaction of the former OKC main man and 2014 MVP who was calm and unperturbed.

Durant told reporters that he welcomed both cheers and boos. They were all good to him, he said.

Steve Kerr, coach of the team, shared his thoughts on the matter.

"I don't think it can get much crazier. It feels about the same so far. It's not anything that bothers us. We just go out and play and have fun," Kerr said.

The Warriors go back home for their second pre-season game and this time will host the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night.

KD hopefully can hear a much friendlier crowd this time.

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