2016 iMac And MacBook Pro Slated For October 24 Release; Latest Specs And Price Updates

By Jomar Teves , Oct 04, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Despite the lack of official statements that the MacBook Pro 2016 and the all new iMac 2016 will be out in the very near future, there are still many speculations that point to the very high probability that these will be out by October.

According to 9to5Mac, the trend of Apple in terms of releasing its new MacBooks is always during the last weeks of October, putting the possibility that an October 24 release might be for the MacBook Pro 2016.

The MacBook Pro 2016 and iMac 2016 Will Come Sooner Than You Think

October is also a very good month to release its new MacBook Pro 2016 as it will be the strategic month to do so before the Holiday Season sets in. However, the excitement is not only contained within the MacBook Pro 2016 alone, as the possibility of having another iMac is also very high. What makes it even cooler is that the new iMac will feature a 5K display.

Speculations also suggest that the removal of the headphone jack from the MacBook Pro 2016 will be highly possible as it will do it to be in sync with the company's new iPhone 7. On the other hand, some reports are on the contrary with the headphone jack removal of the iPhone 7, claiming that a 'headphone jack-less' iMac is on a much better stand. 

What makes the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 a very good buy is its thinness and buffed up power. It will be the thinnest laptop Apple has made, matching it with Intel's Skylake processors. 

Knowing that the Kaby Lake processors will be out on 2017, reports suggest that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 models of next year will come with a Kaby Lake processor, possibly even making it more powerful. The MacBook Pro 2016 is speculated to be priced between the $1300 to $1350 ranges, while the new iMac 2016 is estimated to be valued at $1649.

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