AMD Zen CPUs Set For CES 2017 Launch

By Justin , Oct 04, 2016 03:48 AM EDT

After the release of AMD's Bristol Ridge-based CPUs, the company's Zen-based processor and high-end X370 chipsets will be given focus at the CES 2017 event. According to a source, the company has already started adjusting their merchandises' prices so as to speed up their inventory.

AMD Brings In Bristol Ridge Pro Processors

AMD is bringing in something new to the CPU market. The 7th Generation Pro chips were designed to have hooks so as to allow users to upgrade to the next-gen Zen chip without buying a new computer. The new Bristol Ridge Pro chips are generally targeted towards business computers and are expected to be used in HP and Lenovo devices.

This means that once the next-gen Zen chips get released next year, owners of Bristol Ridge powered PCs can easily upgrade to the new chips without spending so much. According to PC World, AMD's Director Of Commercial Business Development John Hampton expressed his optimism about the new chips.

"Enterprises want to keep PCs for as many years as possible, so the ability to easily upgrade to successor chips is important," Hampton said.

Aside from the easy access to next-gen upgrade, the 7th generation Pro Chips also brings in quite a few improvements over the past chips. According to the same source, the 7th-Gen Pro Chips run 4K video, offer less power consumption and offer boosted performance.

AMD's Performance Improving

According to Digi Times, AMD has been performing well since the beginning of this year. The company's Polaris GPUs have also been a big help for AMD. In fact, it was said that the company's market share increased by 4.8pp sequentially.

Furthermore, aside from the stable income coming from the company's semi-custom solutions, it was also said that AMD is pushing to maximize its profit through China. Among the said business ventures are licensing patents and selling testing and packaging plants.

For AMD's future releases, it was said that the company will launch the X370 chipsets during the 2017 CES. Needless to say, AMD has not commented about its unannounced goods yet.

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