Chat App Telegram Integrates Gaming Platform Inside Chats

By Richmoon , Oct 04, 2016 01:49 PM EDT

Telegram chat app now supports gaming platform inside chats. With the latest 3.13 update to the chat app, developers added the capability to play games inside the app.

The main competition, this time, is about the features they can offer to users, which is doing more than just sending plain text but something more interesting and alluring.

Telegram as One of the Game Player

Telegram is not exempted from it. It is just one of those heaps of apps that can be seen and downloaded in apps store in different operating systems available to date.

With the new Application Program Interface, the chat app's developers can now build games embedded into the app itself. What is good in this part is that the games are loaded as per the command of the users. This implies that the games will not add anything in the size of the application when it is being downloaded and it will not take up space on the phone memory.

How Gaming Works inside the Chat App

Games that are available can be played in single player or even in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode can be done with another person or with a group of friends. These games will save the users' highest score available. Users can also see how each of his or her opponents perform in the game. When someone breaks a record score, the game can give alerts to the competing users.

To enjoy the new feature, type @gamebot in any chat box in the app to trigger a list of games. In the initial release, there are 30 games available and Telegram developers assured that hundreds of games will come later on. The updates are currently available for iOS and Android. It is advisable that in running games, make sure that the operating system is in the latest version.

It was reported that Telegram is now also integrated with Siri in iOS 10. Users can now ask Siri to send a message to available contacts.

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