Game Of Thrones Season 7: The Wall Is About To Go Down; Jon Snow To Marry Sansa Stark

By Topher Pimienta , Oct 04, 2016 09:14 PM EDT

"What's laid out in this season is, very clearly, The Wall isn't just a physical structure that is keeping the army of the dead out," executive producer/director of Game of Thrones. D.B. Weiss.

How can you make something great even more better?

The fantasy drama television series sure knows the component in creating a successful series. The Game of Thrones which premiered last April 17, 2011 just ended their sixth season. However, they are already in the mix in doing, what could possibly the defining moment in Game of Thrones franchise.

Game of Thrones is synonymous to the word legendary. Last season, the sixth installation of Game of Thrones received the most nomination in the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. With 23 nominations under their belt, they were able to capture awards such as, Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Writing and won nine at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Overall, this amazing series has won 235 awards already and has been nominated for 601.

Season 6 has ended but the show broke records on pay television channels. As reported, the average viewing figure per episode last season had grown to over 25 million. That's 25 million viewers across the boards. And if you think they have plans to slow down for Season 7, you must be crazy.

Season 7 and the things we know.

Game of Thrones has already renewed for Season 7 by HBO, which basically means that by 2017, we are going to get the new episodes of this award winning show. However there are no announcement yet on the exact date of its season premier.

Is Season 7, the last installment of the historied franchise?

Showrunners have stated and intended already to finish the historic episodic saga, Game of Thrones. However, they might get two more seasons based on viewers reaction.
Are there going to be new characters? What will happen with John Snow and Sansa Stark?

Yes, there are a lot of new characters lined up already. However, their roles were not finalized yet. And with regards to John Snow and Sansa Stark? One bold theory by the fans states that, Jon Snow will marry Sansa Stark this season.

Here's a clip of GoT Season 7: Production Tease from Game of Thrones Youtube channel

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