Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Now Available On GTA V As A Sticky Bomb Mod

The internet has been bombarded (no pun intended) with news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7's tendency to spontaneously explode. Reports such as setting a Jeep on fire, and a 7-year-old boy injured by the phablet's explosion has triggered mass negative publicity forcing the company recall its deployed 7 million units right away.

For Samsung, the impact was 'heart breaking' despite the fact that not all of its customers are using Galaxy Note 7s. The estimated impact represents less than five percent of Samsung's projected net income of $20.6 billion this year, according to Express.

Weeks after the worldwide recall, Samsung regained balance as the replacement units were said to be 'sold like hotcakes' now that the device is cleared off as an exploding hazard.

What's this got to do with gaming?

With the ongoing ruckus on Samsung's 'exploding' device, a brilliant GTA Modder under the alias HitmanNiko has decided to put the Galaxy Note 7 in the game, as reported by Frag Hero.

Now, you might think that this may be a skin to the default phone being used by characters in the game - FYI for those who didn't know, the game includes usage of a 'phone' for calling cabs, sending messages, and information. But this isn't the purpose of the Galaxy Note 7's inclusion as a mod in the game. Instead, the Modder has cleverly made it as a skin for a sticky bomb, putting it as a satire to the real world issue. If you think about it, GTA is all about satire and it seems a perfect fit to introduce an exploding phablet.

As posted in GTA5-Mods, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 created by HitmanNiko replaces the sticky bomb. It also includes installation instructions and the ability to change the phone/phablet's color. On top of that, you can also change the device's wallpaper. Despite the color and wallpaper customizations, it will not affect how the device would explode, it will still have the same effect of a regular sticky bomb.

Have you tried using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mod? Do you think it's being a satire or a mock? Hit us with your comments below. Check out some demo footage of the mod here:


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