Pokemon GO Guide: How To Dodge Attacks Perfectly

By Alvin Elfwine , Oct 05, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Pokemon GO is among the many games that isn't way too hard to play. But of course, like any other, it pays to know a lesson or two. In its most organic form, Niantic's hit augmented reality game is all about catching Pokemon and becoming the very best. Nevertheless, it's significant for players to know their way to winning gym battles. Speaking of which, here's how you can dodge attacks perfectly.

In order for Pokemon GO players to take control of a particular gym, they have to battle it out. This is most especially when a trainer already owns it, thus the claimer needs to prove himself. All in all, each of them are given at least 6 Pokemon to use; hence it would be best to go for the strongest ones.

In the past, winning Pokemon GO gym battles was as easy as furiously swiping the mobile device's screen. However, with the recent update Niantic did, a few things have been changed -- one of which includes the so-called buffering system. The latter basically allows players to queue up on specific moves, disallowing them to project button smashing. In a sense, trainers need to think before setting every move they have.

In that case, it's only important for Pokemon GO players to know how to dodge attacks. Fortunately, it isn't hard to do and the only thing to remember is timing. For instance, whenever a Pokemon tries to attack, the screen of the device tends to flash a yellow light. The idea is to use the latter as an indicator. Whenever it flashes, players have at least a second to perform a respond. And if they're able to swipe, they're most likely be able to dodge the incoming attack.

It should be noted however that not all Pokemon GO attacks can be dodged. And yes, this no matter how perfect the time will be. One perfect example is the so-called attack move Blizzard. This one here just can't be avoided.

Moreover, it's worth noting that an opponent's Pokemon GO monster is being controlled by an AI (Artificial Intelligence). Hence, in one way or another, its attack rate is always fixed. Based on reports, the AI Pokemon is able to attack every 2 seconds, though the first two attacks are an exception. As soon as a battle begins, it will tend to attack twice, and so on and so forth. So, as much as possible, it's best to dodge twice as soon as the going gets tough. And also, remember to use only the best creatures.

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