Google's New VR Headset: The Savior For Any Financial Crisis

Virtual Reality is rapidly rising to popularity since it was introduced. However, acquiring such technology inevitably requires a large amount of money and some gamers felt that they are being left out due to their financial limitations. Thankfully, Google has a solution for that concern as they had announced a new VR headset that costs much lesser than the other devices present today.

According to the reports from Game Rant, the tech giant announced today their newest VR headset called the Daydream View. This new product from Google gives gamers a VR experience and options with the likes of Google Cardboard, Gear VR and PlayStation VR but on a much lower budget. Daydream View VR headset is priced at $80 and expected to arrive in a few weeks. It has been reported that this upcoming VR headset can be pre-ordered in the US starting October 20.

Based on the reports, Daydream View will work similarly with Samsung's Gear VR with its Android-powered smartphones compatibility. Google's very own Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will be the first phones to offer support for this upcoming device. However, some other manufacturing company will be expected to offer support if the demand is adequate. 

Game Rant reports said that this device will not support exclusives like PS VR's Batman Arkham game. However, there are lots of decent titles that are playable through Daydream View such as Need for Speed, Earthshape, Wonderglade, LEGO Brickheadz, Gunjack 2, Mekorama, Danger Goat, Home Run Derby and Hungry Shark World. $80 is a fair price for a VR headset but as mentioned earlier, there are no other phone models that support this machine aside from Google Pixel phone as of now. That means if you do not own a Pixel phone, there is no reason for you to purchase the device. However, if you can add another $600 to the cost, it would still be reasonably cheaper for a VR experience.

Engadget mentions that Daydream View might still not be a perfect VR headset. Yet, for a price that low, it would be insane enough to ask perfection. On the other hand, Google is doing a great job to achieve such great expectations for a low-budget device. As the VR market continues to grow, it would be interesting enough to witness such development.

Google's Daydream View VR headset is scheduled to launch this coming November.


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