Forza Horizon 3: First Patch Will be Available Today

By Gen Que , Oct 05, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

The first patch for the Forza Horizon 3 game has already been released a few hours ago as confirmed by Playground Games, the developer of the game. According to Playground, the patch will solve some issues PC gamers have experienced when they unlock the framerate.

Aside from fixing the stuttering issue on PC, the first Forza Horizon 3 patch will also improve the game's stability on the Windows 10 platform. Furthermore, it also includes different improvements for the wheels and additional options for the Windows 10 Advanced Controller menu. Below is the detailed list the patch has in the abovementioned categories.

The general improvements brought into the game include fixing the bug which sometimes makes a racing line disappear as well as fixing some contents for the cars. Players also can now swap between their controller or their keyboard during the game. For XBox players who have a Silver account, they can now unlock the social and rival tabs.

Some of the wheel improvements that have been made include correct registration of the Logitech G27 which enables the default mapping to display correctly as well as saving the progress correctly. It also displays default mapping for all TX Racing Wheel models. For Windows 10 players, the horn is added if the wheels have complete buttons.

The additional options included in the Windows 10 Advanced Controller menu include invert force feedback, damping scale, steering wheel sensitivity, and center spring scale. Players will also be happy to know that mouse detection will be disabled when driving so that will be less distractions while speeding in the runway.

The patch is Playground Games' response after players began complaining of the various issues on the game. With the patch, the developer hopes that it will enhance the gaming experience of Forza Horizon 3 fans. They should also expect that the patch will be just the first and many more will come.

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