Twitter May Get Bids from Salesforce and Disney This Week

For the past two weeks, San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. was reported have a number of companies trailing behind in hopes of acquiring it. This week, the social media company may start receiving bids.

Who Plans To Buy Twitter?

Companies such as Google, Salesforce and Disney are the big runners in acquiring the ownership to Twitter. It has a market capitalization at $17.33 billion and according to the company, Twitter will continue to remain independent if bidders will drop a lower value than its own supposed appraisal.

Salesforce Fight In Acquiring Twitter

On the other hand, Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO is reported to be one of the bidders and is convincing his company's investor that Twitter is a good company to acquire. He is in action to diversify its Cloud Services and he is very keen to buy Twitter.

It is also remembered that Salesforce once lost to Microsoft in acquiring the professional networking platform LinkedIn.

Salesforce CEO said in a report by Wall Street Journal that Twitter was an "unpolished jewel" and it has a great potential in advertising, e-commerce and other applications that is regarded by him as essential to their present cloud services.

"Data is the currency in software's new world order," he said to WSJ in an interview. "I'm looking hard at unique data-rich companies and what I can do to make them more powerful and innovative if combined with Salesforce," he added.

The relationship of the companies has always been visible since before. Aside from the fact that the companies are neighbors, Salesforce did already incorporations of Twitter on its services. The said bidder have been doing this for its corporate customers, handling their complaints through tweets and of course, reviews and analyses on their products.

In Salesforce's part, the idea of acquiring Twitter does not fit their common goal. The company would handle lots of host problems such as the struggle of strengthening the growth of users and opposing the user's obnoxious behavior.

Will Twitter Fold to One of These Companies?

With the expected bids that might happen this week, it is still unknown if one of them will translate to a sale. Google, Salesforce and Disney are certainly big names, but it remains to be seen which will be successful in the race for Twitter, if any.

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