Faraday Future Teams Up with LG Chem for EV Batteries

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 05, 2016 12:20 PM EDT

Faraday Future is collaborating with LG Chem in producing high-powered batteries for Faraday's next release, such as the FFZero1 supercar and other automobiles with their new electric car mechanism.

Faraday's FFZero1 was unveiled during Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It is a supercar that is named after a Nintendo video game, F-Zero.

"As a leading supplier of automotive cells and batteries, we are proud to work alongside Faraday Future as we work together to create the next generation of electric vehicles," said UB Lee, president of Energy Solution Company of LG Chem, via Review Journal.

LG Chem is a big supplier of electronic vehicle (EV) batteries and the largest Korean chemical company. The sub-company of which just signed a $2.4 billion contract under Faraday Future. According to CNET, Faraday wants to work together with LG Chem to bring the "world's highest energy density for a production automotive battery."

The Future Mega Battery by Faraday

Faraday and LG Chem's future car can be powered by a small battery that has strong performance without making the batteries heavy.

Faraday has formulated variable platform architecture (VPA) which was first introduced by Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. VPA is created to produce different cars with various sizes, power sources and battery composition.

"LG Chem worked closely with Faraday Future to develop a tailored cell chemistry to optimize the range and safety of our mass production battery hardware," said Tom Wessner, vice-president of Global Supply Chain at Faraday Future. "At FF, we are working with world-class suppliers to advance our technological innovations, and we look forward to our relationship with LG Chem as we push towards our vision of future mobility."

Electric Vehicles Are The Next Supercars

If LG Chem is creating batteries for Faraday's electric vehicles, then Panasonic has partnership with Tesla. Tesla is famous for its vehicles with prismatic cells and not cylindrical cells usually present in electronic products unlike automakers with electric cars.

LG Chem has supplied EV batteries for Chevy Bolt and Renault Zoe, according to Engadget, so it is interesting to see what their partnership with Faraday Future would produce.

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