Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot: Which Do You Want in Your Home?

Following the release of the earlier Amazon Echo Dot and its voice-assistant Alexa, Google has its own Google Home introduced last Tuesday at San Francisco. It works like an Echo Dot but Google has the advantage with its offering of several services that the company has access to.

This Nov. 4, Google will start invading homes with the Google Home, the speaker to rival Amazon's Echo Dot. The Dot has already built its momentum after releasing last year. But unlike the limited services that the Dot has, Home makes use of Google Assistant, Google Cast, Google search and a host of other services from Google for a more personalized experience.

Google Home VS Amazon Echo Dot: which one will win?

Price wise, Google made Home cheaper than the Echo Dot. With a price difference of $50 for Home's $130 and the Dot's $180, consumers are more likely to choose the Home where they will get more savings. Amazon released a more affordable Dot at half the price just recently but this might not be enough if respective feature offerings will be taken into consideration.

First are the voice assistants. Dot's Alexa is smart but not as much as Google Assistant. Alexa has limited sources of contextual information but Google already has services in place that allow users to access a vast amount of data. Consumers can check traffic information using Google Maps. For important events, there is the Google Calendar. For translations, the Google Translate works at a near human fluency. Users can even ask about the latest news with Google News on voice command.

Home's "My Day" feature

Google Home also has a powerful new feature, "My Day." Home users can have their whole day summarized from collected information and can only be accessed by command. It has a built-in support for Google Cast as well to help users control Chromecast, another thing that Alexa lacks. Rumors have it that Google is planning to make its Assistant even better and smarter by accessing Gmail and many more of its services to make user experience unique and personal.

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