Racist Users Use Secret Codes on Twitter to Avoid Censorship

Online bigots have created new codes to get away with racist statements on Twitter and avoid censorship, reported Buzzfeed on Saturday.

In order to post racist comments against people of different race and religion, they substitute bigot words for internet terms, with which they can openly expose their hate and not receive any kind of suspension from the social network.

This situation has created a great controversy, considering that in the last years, there has been a significant increase of racist users on Twitter and many other social media platforms. Numerous demands have been made, and the number of users getting banned and suspended has skyrocketed.

The Racist Codes

According to The Telegraph, this began on a 4chan thread that was eventually deleted, where someone suggested to replace racist words for common ones to avoid getting blocked by Google's Jigsaw program.

After this, users started to say "butterfly" if they wanted to make reference to gay men, "Fishbucket" instead of lesbian, "Yahoo" instead of Mexicans, "Skittle" instead of Muslims, "Car salesman" instead of liberals, "Google" instead of the n word, or "Skype instead" of Jew.

This issue has been extremely problematic for many websites including Twitter, Google and Yahoo, amidst several attempts to avoid racist people using their services to discriminate. 

Some of them support Donald Trump

According to The Telegraph, some of these racist users have expressed their support for the U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been accused many times of making bigot comments against women, Mexicans and Muslims. Twitter posts like "Trump is not a National Socialist, If he was, he wouldn't have kids that married Skypes" is just an example. 

Social networks continue to fight racism, but this problem doesn't seem to extinct.

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