Elder Scrolls Update: Are You Ready to Explore the World? 'One Tamriel' A Major Game-Changer, Players Able To Team Up Easily

One of the biggest updates in Elder Scrolls Online has been released for PC today. Introducing "One Tamriel," a game-changing update that completely opens up the world to everyone in the game - both for veterans and beginners alike.

What's in One Tamriel?

One Tamriel brings a lot of major changes into the core of the game. In this new Elder Scrolls Online free update, "the entire world of Tamriel will be open to be played by any character, without level or allegiance restrictions."

What this means is that Elder Scrolls characters can now freely roam throughout the entire virtual world of Tamriel without any alliance or level restrictions. Characters are now automatically "Battle Leveled" to all zones and PvE alliances restrictions are completely removed as well. All it takes is just the completion of the tutorial and after that, you can now freely experience the paradise of Tamriel and all of its glorious contents!

Another major change in Elder Scrolls is the fact that you can now explore the world of Tamriel regardless of your "alliances" or factions which, in the past, served as a barricade that limits your journey throughout the world of Tamriel. This also enables players to easily find people to team up with in order to complete quests or dungeons.

The Impact of One Tamriel

With the release of One Tamriel for Elder Scrolls, questing and exploring is now a whole lot of fun as you can now do both regardless of your faction and level. If you're a beginner, you can now easily grind and team up with high level players which means you get to experience how it would feel being a "vet" in the game. And if you're one of the veterans, you can now play with your friends that are new to the game without rolling an alt making your adventures a whole lot of fun.

Also, all the loots and experiences given are being adjusted depending on player level "so that it's standardized across all zones." But take note that veteran dungeons and Trials will still require you to be high level.

Elder Scrolls changes that come with the One Tamriel update are: the ability to duel players anywhere outside Cyrodiil, tweaks to Craglorn making it more viable for solo and the introduction of a new system that enables players of different levels to be able to team up and play dungeons together.

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