WWE Star John Cena Gets His Own Superhero Movie? Mark Millar Requests Him To Play 'Superior' In Marvel Universe

It looks like WWE Star John Cena will get his own superhero movie after Mark Millar tweeted "Trainwreck" is his favorite comedy movie and requests WWE star to play as "Superior" in Marvel Universe.

Millar is a comic book writer and known for his contribution for "Marvel Knights Spider-Man," "Civil War," "Ultimate Fantastic Four," "The Secret Service," "Kick-Ass," "Chrononauts," and "Superior" wherein most of it will be or have already been adapted to live-action movie. Even Queen Elizabeth II, who is a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, has recognized his service to movie and literature.

In the comic book writer's tweet, he first said "Just watched @amyschumer'sTrainwreck & it's my fave comedy in YEARS. @JohnCena so funny in it I literally just requested him for SUPERIOR." And later on shared a tweet where John Cena is sketched in Superior's outfit saying "The @JohnCena love out there is huge!"

"Superior" is about a young boy named Simon Pooni who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. One day, a space monkey appeared and grants him one wish: to be his favorite superhero that's strong, flies and has many super powers.

According to Millar, "Superior" movie has been in the development stage for some time now and they have been considering different actors for the role. "It's a fun story, the conceit being Big meets Superman, so it needs to be someone who can pull off the comedy," he describes.

The writer also confirmed that he has already talked with Cena and has informed the rest of his team regarding his "absolute favorite choice". He reveals "I really have a good feeling about this as it comes together. The script has been really, really funny, which I think people want right now. The big box office belongs to movies that look like they're promising a good time for the past year or two. This is very much in that mould."

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