'Toriko' Chapter 390 Spoilers, News And Update: Neo Takes Over Acacia And Faces A Furious Toriko

The last chapter of "Toriko" shows the gourmet hunter in a very complicated situation. Chapter 390 is expected to show Toriko all powered up to face Neo who is likely to take over the body of Acacia.

It looks like Chapter 390 will have an all-out fight between the two gourmet hunters. It can be remembered that Toriko hinted before that despite Neo being eaten by Acacia, he is still inside his body and can take over her at any time. His prediction seems to be true and it seems Neo is ready to fight anyone in his way from the eating God.

The previous chapter shows the assembling of the whole team, including Midora and the four Heavenly Kings to defeat Neo Acacia. Even the surviving eight Kings are determined to continue with the battle just to win from Neo. Komatsu and chefs also announce they are done cooking God which makes the story more intense.

Meanwhile, Blue Nitro reveals why the Pair has "cooked" Toriko's thoughts explaining that Neo makes the living being he eats feel despair first as if "slowly cooking" it before he consumes it. However, Blue Nitro adds that the only thing that can defeat Neo is the opposite of despair which is anger.

With an angry Toriko who possibly holds more than one appetite demon within him, the fight against Neo is on par. But if Neo successfully takes over Acacia's body, his powers will definitely increase and make it harder for Toriko to defeat him.

"Toriko" is a manga series by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro that follows the life of gourmet hunter Toriko as he finds the rarest and diverse gastronomic delights to have a complete full-course meal. He is accompanied by a chef who wishes to level up his skills along the journey.

"Toriko" chapter 390 is scheduled to be released later this week.

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