Pokemon Go Guide: How To Use Your Common Candies Wisely

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 06, 2016 04:31 AM EDT

Wigglytuff is a Pokemon which can be utilized for attack or defend purposes. It is also a Pokemon that is famous for beating Snorlax easily. However, there are some users that are having a hard time getting a wigglytuff, since Jigglypuff and Drowzee can be more commonly seen. Elhessar, a Reddit user, created an easy method for the purpose of saving candies.

According to Otakukart, this method is known for its simplicity, as it only needs 12 candies. Around 6.7% of Pokemon which has IVs of 25/45 can be evolved through this method (it corresponds to around 55.6% IV perfection). Therefore, it can be concluded that Pokemon that have higher IVs than what was previously mentioned, can also evolve. Additionally, those Pokemon which possess lesser IVs should be transferred for more candies. However, each Pokemon adventure can vary. This tells us that the chance to get hit by numerous common Pokemon can't just come to everyone. The table of rules was created in order to determine which among the Pokemon need more candies to enable their evolution. So here it is:



IV > 57%


IV > 68%


IV > 77%


IV > 79%


IV > 83%


IV > 90


It can be obviously seen through this guide that IVs of the Pokemon which is lower than the minimum IV requirement should be transferred automatically. It is best that candies should be stored in bulk. The Lucky eggs are the main reason why these candies should be made in bulk. Therefore, if tons of candies will be saved so that one Lucky egg will be obtained, the XP amount for those Pokemon that have just evolved will be doubled.  It is also suggested that Pokemon which have terrible move sets should also be transferred, since these move sets will have a significant use as time goes by.


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