Nintendo NX Will Be 4X Much Stronger Than Wii U; To Be Powered By NVIDIA?

By Gen Que , Oct 06, 2016 04:58 AM EDT

October is already here and Christmas is just a few months away but it seems like news about the Nintendo NX becomes bleaker. So far the game company has been very secretive about the development of its soon-to-be released (?) game console. Fans are now becoming more and more curious whether it will be released at all or not. However, a recent video revealed that Nintendo NX will be four times much stronger and more powerful than Wii U.

The video, released by Direct Feed Games, was released to answer the Nintendo NX questions fans posed on their Twitter account. The video did not give a clear answer to some of the questions but there was an interesting information the video has revealed.

Some of the interesting features included in the Nintendo NX according to the video is that it will be more powerful than the Wii U in terms of Gigaflops. For those who have no idea what a Gigaflop is, it is equal to a one billion floating point operations per second (FLOPS). Simply said, the Nintendo NX will be much faster than the Wii U.

Aside from Gigaflops, it has also been revealed that Nintendo NX power will be closest to PS4 and XBox One which will support Unreal Engine 4 and other types of modern game engines. Nintendo NX owners will also not have any problems if they want to port their PS4 and XBox One games to the console.

The video also said that various sources have already confirmed that the Nintendo NX will be powered by the NVIDIA Pascal Tegra. Aside from the information that NVIDIA will be involved in the development of the console, it doesn't give additional information about the exact nature of the Pascal Tegra.

There hasn't been any word from Nintendo to confirm or deny the video's claims. But the video also added that there is a possibility that Nintendo NX will have the same 4K upscaling and HDR support similar to the XBox console.

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