No Man’s Sky Subreddit Shuts Down Briefly Due To Haters?

No Man's Sky Subreddit post was temporarily shut down. The former moderator complained that most of the posters were consumed with so much hatred against the game.

No Man's Sky Subreddit Post Shutdown

No Man's Sky is probably the most hated game right now. Its Subreddit posts are filled with hatred and rants against the once promising indie game. The hatred has reached the point where the moderator could no longer stomach the hate.

The game's Subreddit moderator, Rougewolf, announced on the morning of Oct. 5 that the forum is going to be "purged". The moderator complained that posters are no longer discussing anything worthwhile about the No Man's Sky game. Instead, the posts are mostly loud complaints and obscenities against the game.

Rougewolf suggested that the haters should leave the forum and go somewhere else. This suggestion was taken by more than 7,000 former No Man's Sky fans which formed a new subreddit. Some Subreddit members were offended by his remarks and directed some of the hate against the former moderator.

No Man's Sky Subreddit Forum Reopens

The No Man's Sky forum was up again after four hours later. However, the new moderator, Sporkicide pleaded to the more than hundred thousand game subscribers for decorum and "leave the hate at the door."

This time, Subreddit users are now criticizing or accusing the moderators of censorship. One poster claimed that the Subreddit moderators of conniving with No Man's sky developer Hello Games to stop the negative comments. However, this claim has no basis, according to Polygon.

These are clearly tough times for Hello Games which is also facing a suit for misleading No Man's Sky customers. The developer has yet to comment about the ongoing investigation. There is also no official word if No Man's Sky will have major update that will address the players' complaints about the game.

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