The Future is Here: Self-Lacing 2016 Nike Mag Up for Grabs

"Back to the Future" fans will rejoice: self-lacing sneakers are finally here thanks to Nike. Although there are a few differences in the technology, these shoes will guarantee a perfect fit.

"Back to the Future II's" self-lacing sneakers impressed Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) when it automatically laced themselves up and adjusted to his feet. Now, a popular shoe maker is introducing 2016 Nike Mag that adapts to the user's feet using sensors, Live Science reported.

Nike has introduced "adaptive fit," which makes use of sensors to determine whether to loosen or tighten the shoe. This would ensure a perfect fit for both feet, meaning that consumers will not have to endure differently fitting shoes anymore.

Nike for Parkinson's Disease

As stated in their blog, the Nike Mag is a product of their partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation in an "effort to speed a cure for Parkinson's."

"Though it initially shared only a few seconds of screen time with Michael, the idea behind the Nike Mag unlocked something much bigger at Nike," said Mark Parker, NIKE Chairman, President and CEO. "It sent us down an uncharted path of innovation, but it also opened our eyes to our ability to fight some of the world's biggest challenges. We feel privileged for the opportunity to raise even more awareness for the fight against Parkinson's."

What's The Catch?

Although there are millions of "Back to the Future" fans out there who are willing to shell out huge money to get a pair, there are only a limited number of 2016 Nike Mag available. To be specific, there are only 89 pairs available worldwide. Furthermore, most will not be auctioned off. One does actually need to be lucky because they will only be released to the winners of an online draw.

According to Entrepreneur, a ticket costs $10 then there is a $1 handling fee. Multiple tickets can be bought, but it still does not guarantee a pair. However, buyers can take comfort at the fact that their 100 percent of their money will be given to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for research on Parkinson's.

Those who want to try their luck in the online draw can enter here or via the Nike+ app. The 2016 Nike Mag will be given to the winners on Oct. 17 after the draw that begins on Oct. 4 and ends on Oct. 11.

There are also auctions happening in Hong Kong on Oct. 11, in London on Oct. 14 and 17, and in New York on Nov. 12.

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