‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For Oct. 6 & 7: Salem Residents Prepare To Meet Convicts' Demand

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Thursday, Oct. 6 episode reveal that Clyde (James Read) will seek revenge against Chad (Billy Flynn) over what happened to Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). The escaped prisoner plans to kill Chad and abduct his baby out of the belief the child, Thomas, is Ben’s.

Andre (Thaoo Penghlis), the other DiMera brother, makes his own vengeance plans against Hope (Kristian Alfonso). But when he finds out about the latest achievement of Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove), it makes Andre wonder if it is related to the death of Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).

Marlena (Deidra Hall) seeks the help of Kate (Lauren Koslow) to expand her profile on Clyde, who shares with Orpheus his wish to reconcile with his son. Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) becomes upset and shares with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) her worries over Theo (Kyler Pettis) leaving the hospital after he saw Abe (James Reynolds).

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Friday, Oct. 7 episode say that John (Drake Hogestyn), Roman (Josh Taylor), Steve (Stephen Nichols), JJ (Casey Moss) and Paul (Christopher Sean) will prepare to meet the demands of the convicts, according to Soap She Knows. 

John meets Orpheous (George Dell-loyo), although there would be trouble.

Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) warns Theo not to get involved, but Theo sees it as his mission. Ciara and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) become worried when they could not find Theo who tracks down Clyde, Orpheus and Xander (Paul Telfer) in an unknown location where Joey (James Lastovic) is hostage.

Theo threatens to shoot Clyde, leaving Joey caught in the middle of a potential crossfire.

Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Marlena and Victor (John Aniston) gather to talk about what makes Xander tick.

“Days Of Our Lives” Wednesday Recap

In the previous episode, Aiden gave Hope (Kristian Alfonso) a bouquet of flowers and convinced her to meet him. At the Salem Inn, he shared with her his plans to move to Oregon so he could be closer to Chase (Jonathan McClendon). Aiden wants Hope to join him, resulting in an argument between the couple which ends in Hope threatening Aiden that she would expose the truth about Chase murdering his own mother.

Rafe’s (Galen Gering) phone call interrupted their confrontation. Hope assured Rafe she is pursuing a lead and will get back to the station soon. When they resumed their argument, he ordered Hope to end her relationship with Aiden that night and threatened to take her down with Rafe and Roman. Upon Hope’s return to the station, she told Rafe they need to split.

Meanwhile, in the coming episodes, Vanessa Williams would return to “Days of Our Lives” as Dr. Valerie Grant. The character was originally in the 1970s storyline of the long-running NBC soap where she portrayed one of the first interracial couples.

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