‘Pokemon GO’ Update, Tips & Tricks: Niantic's New Feature Will Help You Earn Capture Bonus And Collect Rare Pokemon

Niantic made an announcement on Wednesday, Oct. 5 that they will be launching a new feature in “Pokemon GO” that grants capture bonus to trainers. This feature would be helpful in capturing rare Pokemon of the same type.

New "Pokemon GO" Features

"Pokemon GO" has been rolling out numerous updates lately and the most recent one involves rare Pokemon. Niantic made an announcement that they are working on a capture bonus that allows trainers to earn medals when they catch certain Pokemon types.

Medals are named after the type of Pokemon captured. For instance, the medal for fire-type Pokemon like Charmander and Ninetails would be Kindler. Other medal names revealed in the announcement are Gardener and Psychic. Since there are 18 Pokemon Types, there would probably be 18 types of medals that you can earn.

Capture More Rare Pokemon

By earning the bonus through medals, it becomes easier for a trainer to capture a rare Pokemon of the same type. If you have the Kindler medal for capturing Fire types, it would be easier for you to capture a rare Fire-type Pokemon.

If you capture a multiple type Pokemon such as Pidgey that is both a Normal-type and a Flying-Type, you will still earn the bonus. But it would be the average of the bonuses you earned from capturing Normal-Type and Flying-Type Pokemons.  

Although an official announcement for the update has been made, there is no news on its release date. However, given how "Pokemon GO" has been launching numerous additions and upgrades to the game, this feature may come earlier than expected. Given the dip in the game's popularity, the developers are certainly looking for a way to lure trainers who are not playing the game actively anymore.

Aside from these upgrades, Niantic also released "Pokemon GO Plus" that allows players to catch wild Pokemon without constantly looking at their device. With the newest updates and this capture bonus feature, there's more to look forward to in "Pokemon GO" in the near future.

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