Nintendo NX Handheld Feature May be Limited

More and more information about the Nintendo NX surface as its expected reveal date nears. Now, new details indicate that it may have one flaw in its handheld department.

The Nintendo NX is the Japanese company's latest innovation. It aims to bring gaming to a whole new level by providing a home and a handheld console in one. It can be connected to the television via a dock and it can also be taken anywhere with its screen and detachable controllers, allowing users to play on the go.

However, with this recent news, it seems that playing on the road has some limitations.

Nintendo NX Portable Gaming Has Restrictions

Popular YouTube user boogie2988 mentioned at the Retropalooza one flaw that stood out.

"I've talked to people [at Ubisoft] who have used [the NX]," he said (via iDigitalTimes). "Let's say you could play 'Assassin's Creed' once you have your handheld plugged into your console. And then, you could then detach the thing and take it with you and play the 'Assassin's Creed' mobile game out of your pocket."

This means that only some "form of the game" can be enjoyed "as you go."

Nintendo NX Can Only Play Mobile Versions

When Eurogamer dished out to the gaming community that the Nintendo NX is both a home and handheld console, many fans expected that the experience will be the same on both.

Now, with this news, it seems that one cannot finish a game without connecting it to the TV. It is unknown as of the moment if all games will have a mobile version that can be played while the user is out.

There is little information known about the revolutionary Nintendo NX, but rumors say that it is coming in early 2017 with a possible price tag of $450. Other than that, the gaming company is keeping quiet about its specifications, which may rival the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if they play their cards right.

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