Oculus Touch Controllers To Launch This December, Priced Like A Console

After frustrating delays earlier this year, Oculus has confirmed a new launch date for their Oculus Touch controllers, giving lots of happiness to those who like to adopt early with modern technology by purchasing the Rift VR headset.

Oculus Touch is a motion controller system designed for the Oculus Rift VR headset. They include a pair of handheld devices for both hands, each containing buttons, triggers, and joysticks. One trigger is for shooting or firing while the other is for grabbing. These controllers are tracked in 3D space via a so-called Constellation system, representing them in the virtual environment. Oculus Touch also has a system for sensing finger gestures made while holding the controllers.

Unfortunately, Oculus Touch wasn't included in the Oculus Rift VR headset when it rolled out, and was announced to be launched separately. And as scheduled, the Oculus Touch system is being launched fourth quarter this year.

Uncovered during the Oculus 3 Connect conference, the controllers will ship from Dec. 6 and will set you back almost the same as buying a brand new Xbox One S. If you already have purchased the VR headset, then the $199 extra cost won't budge your deep pocket. It is reported that the price would prove to be worth it.

Moreover, coming along with two games free of charge - namely The Unspoken and VR Spors Challenge - each of the controller's thumb sticks can be sensed with the most precise of actions. And if you're going through the extra mile, it can be paired up with a $79 sensor, turning your entire room into a VR playroom.

Only for gamers with deep pockets?

Combining the price for the Oculus Rift headset along with the Touch plus the extra sensor, the total cost would be, wait for it... approximately $880, that's a $100 more compared to the price of HTC Vive, which is the most powerful VR device among the three competing headsets currently available

On the other side of the ring, Sony's PlayStation VR already rolled out earlier for $349. This doesn't include the required - take note - PlayStation Camera and the optional PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Now that the hardware has been showed off to draw the battle lines, let the VR showdown begin. Who will win? Hit us with your comments below. Here's a hands-on video on Oculus Controllers:


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