Samsung To Exclusively Manufacture Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830

By Rodney Rafols , Oct 07, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

The next high-end mobile processor from Qualcomm is now being rumored for upcoming release. The Snapdragon 821 is being used by some of the high-end smartphones now, though there is already a next-generation processor rumored to be underway, the Snapdragon 830.

Reports have been coming from South Korea that Samsung would be manufacturing the next high-end Snapdragon processor, says Android Authority. The upcoming Snapdragon 830 will be using the same 10nm process used on Samsung's own Exynos 8895 processor. Rumors are also saying that the coming processor could be used on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As it is, Samsung already has experience in making Snapdragon processors with the Snapdragon 820. The Snapdragon 820 has been successful after it has solved much of the overheating issues of the Snapdragon 810. Samsung's experience then would be valuable in the making of the Snapdragon 830.

The rumors, however, do not state what improvements the Snapdragon 830 will bring, as Tech Times reports. What could only be surmised is that with Samsung using the 10nm process, it might be aiming for higher frequencies. The nearest comparison that could be made would be with the Exynos 8895, since it also uses the 10nm process. The Exynos 8895 is said to have a 30 percent improvement in performance.

The production of the Snapdragon 830 might start before the end of the year. Nothing is definite though as there is no word from either Samsung or Qualcomm about the rumored chipset. The most that could probably be said about it is that it would be an improvement in some ways over the current generation of processors.

Earlier rumors state that the Galaxy S8 might have the Exynos 8895 processor. It remains to be seen if Samsung will opt for the Snapdragon 830, or will go for a strategy where some units would have the Snapdragon 830 and some having the Exynos 8895. As it is right now, all of these are still speculations.

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