2 Features That'll Make Battlefield 1 A Bit More Interesting

Battlefield 1 is looking to be an interesting game to play, most especially that lots of fans have been anticipating for its arrival already. Just recently, EA has revealed two features that'll make the title something to look forward to. These are the Spectator Mode and Camera Tools, both of which are deemed as great additions.

In a recent blog post from EA, the studio confirmed that the aforementioned Battlefield 1 features will arrive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. They will be made available as soon as the game officially launches on October 21, which is only a few days from now. From there, players will get to experience them in a swift.

It's worth noting that the video game company gave Berduu, a screenshot artist, an early access to Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode. On his YouTube video, he explained how the feature particularly works. Based on it, the feature allows players to follow either a certain soldier or vehicle whenever the so-called "Director Camera" is utilized. Aside from the fact that it locks onto the movement, it also allows a player to efficiently control its positioning.

Apart from the above mentioned Battlefield 1 feature, another one in the works is the free camera system (Camera Tools). The latter basically lets players create various free cameras while giving them the capability to put them anywhere in the map. Moreover, they're able to switch to any of these at will, though the settings of each can be easily adjusted accordingly.

GameSpot, on the other hand, notes that Battlefield 1 players can play around with both field-of-view and depth-of-field settings. If they want a better close-up angle, the low field-of-view value (around 30) is their best bet. As for the depth-of-field values, these allow them to control stuff such as the camera blur. Good thing, though, is that the system will be equipped with filters, each of which can be used to fine-tune their chosen shots.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 as well as the aforesaid features EA just confirmed? Are you excited to play it? What are your expectations? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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