Halo' TV Series News And Update: Show Is Still On; Steven Spielberg Confirmed To Produce The Show

The last "Halo" TV series news fans have received is from Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, when he responded to Ryan McCaffrey question on Twitter asking "What's going on with the Halo TV series Phil? Is it dead? The executive replied with "Alive" but did not give any other info. However, recent reports claim that the series is already in the works but Microsoft is keeping mum about it.

Three years ago, the gaming community was excited to hear that Microsoft will do a "Halo" TV series and will be produced by world renowned director Steven Spielberg. Some reports claim that Xbox One plans to offer original videos like Netflix which mean fans will have to subscribe to be able to watch the said TV series. Microsoft has not commented yet regarding this rumor.

This is the second reported highly budgeted "Halo" project. The first one was supposed to be a movie by Peter Jackson and to be directed by Neill Blomkamp of "District 9" but didn't push through due to studio issues.

The game "Halo" is about the intergalactic war between humans and aliens called Covenant. It is a first person shooter game where the player portrays as Master Chief John-117, and battle with his group called Spartans. He is accompanied by an AI called Cortana. The term "Halo" was derived from Halo Rings which is described in the game as superweapons made to destroy the enemies.

The game has sold more than 65 million copies in the world and grossed nearly $3.4 billion. Its strong sales allowed the game to have numerous franchises including best-selling novels and licensed items. Due to the game's success, one of its franchise evolved into a real-time strategy game. Today, it is considered to be one of the fastest selling video games in the U.S.

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