Pokemon Go News And Update: Niantic Is Killing Third Party Apps; Adds New Warning Feature

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 07, 2016 04:50 AM EDT

Niantic has made a move on third-party scanning services. Niantic has consistently been acting towards these services lately. It is obvious why they are doing this, even if it might mean a lot of complaints from its Pokemon Go fans. The Fastpokemap is a huge, third-party scanning site which is being used by numerous Pokemon Go fans. It can point out the location with less effort on the gamer's part. Niantic has been banning these third-party sites due to alleged illegal access to their services.

A Google captcha indicated that there will be a more complex security feature coming, and this will measure clicks thus preventing illegal third-party programs from infiltrating Niantic's internal servers. It can be assumed that third-party scanners will have a hard time surviving now. Some said that hunting Pokemon using an automatic tracker is simply fine, since the present tracker is not similar to the original tracker or the new tracking systems are not yet fully functional. As quoted from one user "We can't track so we want the Pokemon handed to us".

This is the argument that many are raising. A recent article has discussed the importance of maintaining Niantic's server integrity. The article emphasized this point. If we analyze it, once Niantic has allowed third-party services to exist, then the new tracking system that they are now developing will not be useless. This seems to be the case, since majority of the gamers cheat to obtain a certain type of Pokemon.

It is obvious that players will indeed put-up third party services just to find an easier way instead of using a tracking system that requires a whole lot of effort. Niantic has received an appreciation for persistently taking down these third-party services. This effort has led to a better way of protecting their servers. In addition, a new warning message feature has been added intended for the players who are still constantly using third party cheating apps.

Based on the reports from Otakukart, once you clicked the 'Got It' option located on the warning message, it states that you have agreed to their warning. It was reported that if you continually use a third party app after you clicked the said option, it will caused a permanent ban on your phone and account, forcing you to buy another unit and a service provider. See the warning below:


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