PewDiePie Tuber Simulator: Tips, Tricks, Cheats And Hacks; Puggle Increase Win Rate

It's been only a few weeks since hot Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, released his second mobile game Tuber Simulator and the fans playing the game are all but constant reminders of its popularity. With PewDiePie asking his 48 million subscribers to download the game, it's no wonder several server crashes and game errors ensued. To celebrate Tuber Simulator's success, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to use in the game.

How To Win The Game Like A Bro

The game has a pretty straightforward challenge - beat PewDiePie's score. You can do this by making a lot of videos that generate a lot of views - then you level up when you buy stuff for your studio or room. Random videos are not the way to go however, so we've compiled a list of tips and tricks that will generate more views and level up your account very efficiently.

Cheats And Hacks. Firstly, even though the use of third party programs that lets you cheat and hack the game can be very tempting, actually doing it is unwise. To win the game like a pro, you gotta play like a bro. Aside from errors and problem you can enounter in the game, like a certain case which left the user's countdown timer to freeze, you also risk getting on the badside of fabulous Queen Pewds.

Daily Quests Are One Of The Ways To Go. It's pretty obvious if you diligently complete as many daily quests as you can in one day, you'll get more subscribers and views. This trick can efficiently and steadily help you climb your way to the top. Tuber Simulator offers four free quests - one of which requires you to watch an ad to access - three more that costs Bux, which is one of the currencies of the game that can be obtained through bonuses or microtransactions.

Trends Can Keep You Trendy. If you keep tabs on the trends, you can get more bonus views and subscribers. These trends need to be discovered however every time you log in. We suggest choosing different categories at a time, so you can be able to discover the new trends easily.

Keep Sacrificing Brains To The Knowledge Tree. When you level up, you gain brains. These are basically skill points that lets you level up a certain perk within the Knowledge Tree. We suggest maxing out your Views Boost and Streaming as they help you gain more views when you make videos and when you're not playing the game. If you have to, focus on one category only. Nobody wants a Jack-of-all-Trades but a master of none.

Shop And Spice Up Your Room. The more you buy, the better experience you get. This also applies in buying expensive stuff. Keep buying anything you want in the game and worry about aesthetics later.

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