Facebook Launches “Events” App In iOs, Soon On Android

By valerie gentallan , Oct 07, 2016 06:52 PM EDT

People always find ways to connect with their friends around the world. People are sociable. That's what social media is for. Events make their social lives healthy. Events are oftentimes the venue for meeting new friends and establish new relationships.

Facebook is not blind to these extrovert types of personalities. The Facebook Events app on iOS is launched today in the U.S. Android users will expect this real soon as it is Facebook's next target.

Facebook Events product manager Aditya Koolwal tells TechCrunch, "The core thesis behind this app is that if we build something for the people really eager to discover events, people will have a good time. The bigger goal is to find out which features work so the company can "take the best parts and put them back in Facebook."

With Events, event organizers can reach thousands or millions of people and do promotion to a certain event. There is an option to pay just to highlight events in News Feed ads.

"Events are perhaps Facebook's most unique, differentiated feature. While you can create profiles, share content and chat on tons of services, there's no real substitute for Facebook Events. It broadens the funnel of promoters who might potentially pay," Koolwal explained.

Launching Facebook Events directs you to Events you were invited on that day. Facebook stores the info you feed in the system such as location, interests and the pages you like. The Events feed showing the list of available events that might interest you is basically coming from the information you provided.

The Search tab lets you browse events for specific day while a map sorts by location. The search feature can also be customized giving you the liberty to only view events that are according to your choice. Additionally, the Calendar feature displays your schedule in one place. Synching other calendars from Google to Facebook to get one record of appointments is also possible.

Unlike the Facebook Messenger, Facebook's core app is not phasing out its Events feature. Users can still choose whether they stick to the old or update it to the latest feature.

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