Snapchat Says Goodbye To Auto Advance Feature, Introduces Story Playlist

By Jiran , Oct 08, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Snapchat has just announced the removal of their Auto Advance feature. The company has decided to replace it with the new Story Playlist. This will let users choose easily on which Story to watch.

Snapchat's New Story Playlist Feature

Snapchat has recently updated their website with details about the new Story Playlist feature. It solves the problem people encountered with Auto Advance. Users are now given more control on the stories they want to watch. The viewing experience is made a lot easier than the previous feature.

It does not automatically play the recent stories of all your friends. Users can select the Stories of certain friends that they have. Snapchatters have to tap on the Story thumbnail to the left of their friend's name. This will let them add that particular Story to their playlist.

The new feature works like that of a music playlist. Snapchat explained that users can choose which stories to add to their playlist. They will be able to view them in order of when these stories were added.

The full-screen view is also enabled. Finally, users have to press the play button at the bottom of the screen.

The Decision To Remove The Auto Advance Feature

The legacy of the previous Auto Advance feature is not entirely lost. Snapchat revealed that they used what they have learned from Auto Advance. The automatic playing is incorporated into the Story Playlist.

They also admitted that the old feature was limited. They want to address its issues by creating the Story Playlist feature.

Snapchat said that the removal of the Auto Advance is still for selected Android-based Snapchatters. It will soon be carried out to all Android and iOS devices.

Rivalry With Instagram Stories

According to Tech Crunch, this might be Snapchat's answer to the well-received Instagram Stories. The said feature in Instagram now has about 100 million daily users. Instagram has previously confessed that their Stories is a clone of Snapchat's.


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