'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61, 62 Spoilers: Goku Transforms To Super Saiyan Green? Learns Mafuba From Master Roshi?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61 will be airing this Sunday yet speculations continue to arise, leaving die-hard fans more eager to catch the show. Rumors suggest that Goku might transform to Super Saiyan Green. Apparently, he will also learn a new technique in episode 62. Check out the rest of the spoilers below.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61 Spoilers: Will Goku Transform To Super Saiyan Green?

The highly anticipated rematch between Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks against Black and Zamasu is expected to take place in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61. In the preview released, Zamasu can be seen taking off his green Potara earring. Since Black has the other pair, rumors suggest that the two evil villain might fuse together, transforming to a powerful Super Saiyan White fighter.

If this theory takes place, Black and Zamasu will become extremely powerful. Goku and the gang will definitely have a hard time defeating the fused villains. Since Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks do not have Potara earrings, it will be impossible for any of them to fuse with the other, thus making them less powerful than the opponent.

Fans speculate that the only way to match the enemy's combined power is by reaching a new level of Super Saiyan. Fans theorize that Goku might transform to a whole new level, Super Saiyan Green. However, it has not been confirmed whether this theory will materialize in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 Spoilers: Goku Learns Mafuba Technique; Is It Enough To Defeat The Enemy?

Meanwhile, new spoilers came out recently claiming that in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62, Future Trunks will ask Goku and the others to head back to the past as he goes head to head with Black on his own. Trunks firmly believes that Goku will be able to find a way of defeating the evil duo.

Goku will go to Master Roshi as he wants to learn the Mafuba technique. Apparently, the Mafuba, also known as the Evil Containment Wave, is a technique that can lock demons away by sucking them in a container called Ofuda. Sources claim that Mafuba could be used on Zamasu since he's an immortal. Although he cannot be killed, he can be imprisoned forever. This technique was seen in the original "Dragon Ball" series.

Fans of the hit series need not to wait longer as "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 61 airs tomorrow, Oct.9 while Episode 62 on Oct. 16.

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