Overwatch Leak: Sombra Finally Revealed! Halloween Party Reveals Junkenstein

Overwatch Sombra ARG investigators have finally solved the puzzle although not in the way Blizzard intended. Her appearance seems to be tied with the Halloween party featuring Dr. Junkentsein.

Overwatch Sombra Leak Courtesy of Russian Hackers

The original source of the leak /u/je_te_vois, has deleted the account. But the picture has spread throughout the various online social networks and forums including Reddit. The image is available here. The picture purportedly showed Sombra and includes some revealing descriptions.

The rumored Overwatch Sombra picture seems to match all the speculations about her. She is of Latina descent with a distinctive hairdo and wearing a stylish purple coat. She also brandishes a submachine gun that has similar designs to an Ingram or an Uzi.

Sombra Image - A Fake?

There are some who think that this leak is some elaborate hoax but the details are quite convincing to dismiss this as a fake. Most of the description seemed to confirm all the theories about her plus some new ones. Sombra suffered as child during the Omnic crisis. She is a hacker who worked with the Mexican Los Muertos gang and later joined the Talon Organization.

Blizzard so far, is quiet about the alleged Sombra leak. The developer is possibly embarrassed by it and would rather not comment about it. There is also the possibility that the leak is intentional. The original Reddit source has been deleted and there is no way to verify how the poster got the images in the first place.

Sombra Included in Dr Junkenstein Halloween Brawl Mode?

The descriptions from the image also hints of a Halloween Brawl featuring Dr. Jukenstein unleashing his "evil allies and the Zomnic". The heroes are supposed to "protect the castle doors" from them. There are three difficulty levels in this upcoming Halloween mode in which points are awarded.

Sombra Expected Release Date

The amomentincrime.com website counter is almost at 86 percent as of press time. It is expected to be at 100 percent on October 17. Blizzard may reveal the character by then. Based on the description included in the image, Sombra may participate in the Halloween party brawl but that is still speculation at this moment.

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