UFO 2016: Mysterious Object Hovers UK Town For More Than Hour, Baffles Ex-Cop

Each year, there are numerous UFO sightings being reported. Many of these sightings would later turn up to have some logical explanation, though there would always be a handful that would still end up a mystery. A recent UFO sighting in the U.K. might be one of the latter.

The UFO is said to have been captured on video by UFO expert Gary Heseltine after a tip by an anonymous ex-cop, according to The Sun. The UFO has been captured on video by Heseltine using his night vision camera.

The UFO sighting happened over the town of Holmfirth at 8:50 p.m. last October 6. After the former cop has tipped of Heseltine he set up his location at a vantage point above Holmfirth, though his effort didn't last long since his laptop, to which the night vision camera was attached to, drained its battery fast, forcing him to stop filming. The video of the UFO is about 2 minutes long.

As Heseltine described it, the UFO was traingular with row of red lights on it, as The Huddersfield Daily Examiner notes. The object hovered for an hour. At 9:20 p.m., it shifted to a new position and then slowly got back to its original position. By 9:50 p.m. it went away towards the direction of Manchester.

Though the former cop who initially reported the sighting remains anonymous, Heseltine said that he is a credible witness. He also said that the man did the right thing by contacting him so as to corroborate the sighting. As for the object, he said that the sighting was unusual as the craft first remained dim at first before flaring up.

Heseltine is one of the leading UFO experts in the U.K. He had been with the British Transport Police until he left it in 2013 to concentrate on his online publication, UFO Truth Magazine. He is said to be convinced that UFOs have been here for many years based on his years of sightings and documenting them. He has also set up a national U.K. police database for UFO sightings.

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