OnePlus 4 Latest News: Flagship Killer Boast A 21 MP Camera, Quad HD Display And Tweaked OS

OnePlus 4 is the next generation smartphone that will come from the OnePlus series. With OnePlus being widely known as the manufacturer of flagship killers, fans have been quite excited about the upcoming OnePlus 4. Keep in mind that the OnePlus 3 is one of the heftiest smartphones to have ever been released this year. This means that the OnePlus 4 should be one of the most powerful Android phones for 2017.

OnePlus 4 Rumors: Body

It's worth noting that OnePlus hasn't confirmed anything about the OnePlus 4 yet. However, based on predictions, the OnePlus 4 could copy some of its predecessor's traits. IBTimes says that OnePlus has omitted the sandstone model this year so the company might as well repeat its decision next year. Furthermore, the OnePlus 4 could also make use of an aluminum body just like its predecessor.

As per the device's screen size, what's certain as of now is that it won't be smaller than 5.5 inches. OnePlus has mentioned that they will not release any smartphone smaller than 5.5". Their reason behind this is that they want to fit in big batteries into their devices, so creating smaller phones won't help them in fulfilling this goal.

OnePlus 4 Rumors: Internal Specs

Going by OnePlus' history of improvements, the OnePlus 4 is highly likely to use a Quad HD resolution of 2550 x 1440 pixels. There are also rumors saying that the next OnePlus phone will have 4K display. However, this rumor is still pretty raw and baseless as of this moment. But as far as predictions are concerned, the OnePlus 4 could make use of Snapdragon 830 and 8 GB RAM.

Based on GSM Arena's specs sheet, OnePlus 3 boasts of 6 GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 chip. This means that to improve over that, the RAM of the next phone should at least be 8 GB. It should also make use of next year's best Snapdragon processor. Camera-wise, it's quite possible that OnePlus could finally make use of a 21 MP camera next year.

OnePlus 4 Rumors: Tweaked OS

The next phone from OnePlus is highly likely to improve users' Android experience. It was said that OnePlus will still be adding some goodies to the Android software to make the user experience more satisfying. The company said in their "Ask Me Anything" session that they don't really aim to astonish their audience. All they want is for fans to think "Yeah, this is actually better than stock Android." With that said, it looks like the OnePlus 4 could still retain its crown next year as the flagship killer.

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