Food Poisoning Bacteria Might Be Cause For Crohn’s Disease

By Rodney Rafols , Oct 10, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

It is always important to know when food will spoil, as spoiled food can lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning can be life-threatening, and as a new study shows, its effects could even extend later in life.

A bacterium left in the stomach after food poisoning could later on lead on to Crohn's disease, as a study from McMaster University shows. This bacterium is adherent-invasive E. coli (AIEC) and through a mouse model, it is shown that infective gastroenteritis could lead to its growth even years after food poisoning.

Crohn's disease is a condition that inflames the intestines and leads to bowel problems. Canadians are said to have the highest incidence of the disease, with one in 150 having either Crohn's disease of colitis, according to Science Daily. Crohn's disease could be a lifelong disease.

Brian Coombes, lead author of the study and Professor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University as well as a researcher at the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Diseases said that Crohn's disease could lead to other complications, such as colorectal cancer and premature death.

New diagnostic tools will have to be made in order to find people who might be at risk of Crohn's disease later on, News Medical reports. Coombes also stressed the need to understand more on where the disease originates. This could help in creating new solutions and treatments.

Food poisoning is a medical condition that people should take seriously. It can be deadly if not treated properly, and as the study shows it could even lead to complications later on. Food preparation as well as storage is critical in reducing the risk of food poisoning. Checking of labels and expiration dates are also critical in preventing food poisoning.

While there are studies about food poisoning and its effects, a new method has also been made to lessen binge eating.

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