Rise Of The Tomb Raider News: From Xbox One Back To PS4, Will VR Feature Save The Day?

Rise of the Tomb Rider has finally come to PlayStation 4 and with exciting new features including all its existing DLCs. Originally set to be an Xbox One exclusive, the 2015 action-adventure worldwide hit has now come to the Sony PlayStation offering the fans its 20-year celebration package, new contents and the added VR feature. But will this be enough to sway to fans to get the latest adventures of Lara Croft?

Great Initiative by Square Enix

At first, a lot of Tomb Raider fans were disappointed after Square Enix made an exclusive deal with Microsoft entailing Rise of the Tomb Raider to be an Xbox One and PC exclusive only. But it would seem that the decision didn't stop a lot of fans from playing the game especially with how well ROTTR was received by both critics and devoted Tomb Raider fans.

Rise of the Tomb Raider was a major hit way back in 2015 for the Xbox One and PC platforms but will that be the same case for 2016 and in the PlayStation platform? For many, the answer is - yes.

It's true that Rise of the Tomb Raider has been released a year ago and most of the fans may have already played the game already but the timing is just perfectly right. With the upcoming release of the PSVR, the PlayStation version of ROTTR offers an exclusive VR feature for which the fans will be enthralled with. Added to this unique feature is a complete DLC bundle of the game which for most fans, can be very alluring considering the fact that for just a $60 price tag, fans can experience the overall package of Lara Croft's latest adventures.

Rise of the Tomb Rider is in Perfect Timing

Another reason why Rise of the Tomb Raider can still sets its place in the PlayStation platform is the fact that Sony currently doesn't have any major 1st party titles and the big ones are coming from 3rd party titles such as Battlefield 1, Mafia 3 and Titanfall 2, most of which, offer a completely different gaming experience in comparison to ROTTR. In short, the competition is yet to be saturated for ROTTR this year.

Will Rise of the Tomb Rider be a game of your choice for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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