Google Nexus 7: Top 7 Problems Reported So Far

Google Nexus 7, till now, has been applauded for its slim build, good looks, quad-core Jelly Bean combination, and other top end features along with its pocket-friendly price tag of $199. However, the Android tablet, reportedly, is not a flawless device.

As pointed out by Android fans like Android Authority, Android Central, and XDA Developers, the Google and Asus branded tablet has some serious quality issues. While some users reported loose creens and backlight bleeding, others opined that issues exist with the charging and touch detection.

Check out the top seven problem areas for the Nexus 7 tablet that reviewers and users are complaining about:

Backlight Bleeding and Dead Pixels

According to Pocketnow, which cited a Twitter report with a photo of the Nexus 7, the Google device has a serious issue of backlight bleeding. In addition, users have reported image ghosting issues as well. Another relevant complaint against the Nexus 7 tablet is its dead pixels, a traditional QA problem often found in LCD-screen gadgets.

Loose Screen

According to Android Authority, some Nexus 7 screens are not attached very securely which causes creaking sound from the case. Elsewhere, BGR also reported that many users have reported that the tablet's display has already started to come out of the bezel due to the poor quality adhesive used. Users have also complained about Google's non-cooperation in fixing the loose display and thereby, depending upon the do-it-yourself techniques, detailed by forums like XDA Developers, to fix the problem.

Touch Detection Issues

Folks at Geek have informed about trouble with touch detection in some Tegra games. "Touching the right side (when held in portrait) of the screen sometimes elicits no response from the tablet," Ryan Whitwam, the author, writes. "Sometimes the Nexus 7 will detect the touch, but quickly loses connection and the touch point is lost. The dead area runs all the way up the height of the panel, and across to about the mid point. The severity of the issue seems to vary over time; some occurrences are much less serious than others. To temporarily solve the issue, I can turn the screen off and back on."

While the fix is easy, the bug is annoying, says the report.

Charging Problems

An XDA senior member thevuman claims that initially the Google tablet took seven hours to be fully charged while some users reported that their devices were not at all charging. An XDA senior member poldie's post at the forum says: "My Nexus 7 won't charge. I've tried 3 chargers, including the provided one, all of which work on several phones, but none work on the Nexus 7. And it's been a tedious few hours in a queue on the phone trying to get hold of anything to even start the returns process. I can only assume the stories you see when you google 'nexus 7 fault' are true and that many, many people are queuing up to get their faulty unit refunded or replaced. It's a shame - I've played with a working one and it's very nice."

Limited Memory with No Additional Storage

Nexus 7 comes with 8GB and 16GB storage capacity and does not have an SD card slot to expand the storage. While Google offers cloud storage option, users in different forums have complained about the limited memory issue and desired 32GB Nexus 7 models.

Microphone not Working

An XDA member Waitzar says that "I got my pre-ordered Nexus 7 16GB (from Staples) on 7/16 and everything worked fine until today. I just tried Google Now and it is not picking my voice. So I went to Evernote to record Voice memo and it is not picking up anything either. I did Factory reset and not solving my mic issue. I think the mic in my Nexus 7 died? Anyone else got mic issue?"

Meanwhile, The Atlantic Wire reports that users who have got the device through Google, "representatives say the mic is defective and have sent replacements."

Only Wi-Fi, No 3G or 4G Connection

Google has launched Nexus 7 as a Wi-Fi only tablet, so users will not have a 3G or 4G mobile data option. For home use, Wi-Fi is perhaps enough, but for frequent travelers, only Wi-Fi is a turn-off. 

The niggling issues may dampen Nexus 7's accomplishments and may shorten its market success.

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