Nintendo NX Still Not Unveiled, Release Date Could Be Postponed

By Justin , Oct 11, 2016 02:25 AM EDT

The absence of the Nintendo NX this year has put most fans in doubt. It has been quite a while since news about the new Nintendo console has started circulating, but as of now, there is still zero clue on when its unveiling would be. It's worth noting that the expected release date of the NX is March of 2017 which is barely five months away. Most console fans would agree that this time interval between unveiling and release isn't enough for gaming products.

Nintendo NX Release Date Possibly Postponed

Take note that the PS4 took about 9 months before it got released after being announced. The Xbox One took about six months before it got released and the Wii U took more than a year to get released. This should note that the Nintendo NX's five-month deadline may not be very feasible. However, TechnoBuffalo says that this may not be the case.

Despite gaming consoles' launch and release date histories, the NX could still meet is March 2017 rumored availability. According to the source, tech companies are now in the age of releasing a product close to its announcement date. This practice is common with the mobile phone market, and it might as well be applicable in the gaming console field.

Nintendo NX Update And News

Needless to say, until Nintendo gives fans an official announcement, nothing is certain at this point. However, if ever the NX actually gets postponed, it might not be pushed to a very far date. Reports from weeks ago has revealed that the console has already started production.

Luckily for fans awaiting the Nintendo NX, Techradar says that the console has already started the production and testing process. In fact, Nintendo is said to be readying up about 10 million NX units for its 2017 release. Still, this doesn't say a lot of things about the actual gaming console and what the final product will look like. Rumor has it that the Nintendo NX won't directly compete with PlayStation and Xbox. Instead, it will offer something unique to gamers.

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