Pangu Is Raising A White Flag, iOS 10 Jailbreak Not Happening

By Adie Pie , Oct 11, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

In less than a month, Apple has released its newest operating system - iOS 10 - and two succeeding updates. The speed of the releases has come out to the market so quickly that popular jailbreaking group Pangu has had almost no time to retaliate. However, it seems now that the group is giving up altogether and letting go of their once unparalleled success.

As noted by Neurogadget, Pangu would normally release their jailbreak tools almost right after a new iOS entered the market. But when iOS 9.3 came out, the group kept their silence. That's until iOS 10 was released and the group preemptively claimed jailbreak ownership of the same.

Nevertheless, the group had to withdraw their claims because of errors within Cydia and has since stayed in the dark. No other group or individual has successfully claimed to hack into iOS 10 either. It is possible that Apple's newest security measures are, in fact, unbeatable.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of a jailbreak tool has been reasoned to be because of the quick succession of updates. Reportedly, iOS 10.1 was what stopped Pangu in its tracks. So when iOS 10.2 rolled out, Apple admitted it was for an audio bug fix.

However, it has been widely believed that the Cupertino-based company actually incorporated stronger security measures with the latest update. And while Apple has certainly not confirmed the same, whatever was done is certainly keeping groups like Pangu in the dark. It is estimated, after all, that these secret measures are what is keeping away a jailbreak.

As Ecumenical News reports, Pangu has also stayed silent on the issue and has not provided any updates on their attempts to break iOS 10. Likewise, it has not been made official that the group is raising their hands and giving up at this point. However, things do not look to be any brighter for them.

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