Halloween Movies To Binge-Watch This Season

The holidays are already right around the corner, and one of the most awaited ones is Halloween. Children look forward to getting the treats from "Trick or Treat," while some adults look forward to dressing up for Halloween parties. Others, they are simply waiting to binge-watch movies best fit for the season.

People have various preferences when it comes to Halloween movies. Some prefer to watch light comedy-horror movies, while others choose scarier ones. Nevertheless, there are many of the highly-rated Halloween movies of all time, both the scary ones and those movies that put a lighter touch to the concept of horror.

Throwback Movies That Are Recommended To Be Watched This Halloween

There are many things to watch out for this month when it comes to horror movies. One of the highly recommended horror movies of all time is "The Innocents" from 1961. It is an adaptation made by Jack Clayton of the novel "Turn of the Screw." It is about a woman who becomes a governess to two children at an English Manor house, and later regrets the decision she made to become one. It has been described to be a very remarkable and elegant horror film adapted from a book.

Many other movies are also recommended to be watched this Halloween season, including other movies from way back in the day. For example, "The Exorcist" has been highly recommended which tells the story of a girl being possessed by an evil demon and a priest working his way to save her. "Carrie" is also one of the most horrific movies of all time, which also gives a message about avoiding bullying anyone in school.

Movies Of Dark Humor Are Also Made To Enjoy A Little Comedy In Horror Movies

If kids are interested in Trick or Treating, adults may be interested in watching a movie about the said activity, entitled "Trick 'r Treat," consisting of four interconnected stories in one Halloween night. Another movie is one where Johnny Depp stars entitled "Sleepy Hollow" which consists of dark humor that should be enlightening to the audience.

Needless to say, there are definitely many movies that should be watched this Halloween season, and the ones mentioned above are just a few to start off the month.

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