Olloclip Launches Three New Photo Lenses For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

This Monday, Olloclip announced a remastered line of lenses for the newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The well-known maker of photography accessories designed their new Active, Core and Macro Pro lens sets to perfectly fit the new iPhone 7s just like with its predecessors. With the improved lens sets, users will be able to take photos with better image quality.

What's New With Olloclip?

The new lens set - Active, Core and Macro Pro - designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is made to make mobile photography even better for users. According to Olloclip, the new lens sets include the better Connect interchangeable lens system that allows users to easily switch between lens systems in an instant. This is aside from the premium multi-elements Olloclip added for better optics. They also added a hinged lens base as a new innovation to make most screen protectors compatible with the lens sets and improve the iPhone 7 cameras' optical performance.

Olloclip Lens Sets

The new Olloclip lenses are divided into three sets: the Active Lens, the Core Lens and the Macro Pro Lens. Each set provides multiple elements to help improve the quality of mobile photos when taken with the iPhone.

For the the Core Lens Set, Olloclip included a fisheye lens with a 180-degree feature, a four-element wide angle lens for landscapes with a 120-degree angle, and a macro lens with 15x magnification power for close-up shots. The Active Lens Set is so named to further enhance the built-in zoom capability of the iPhone 7 Plus with the help of a 2x telephoto optical zoom lens. An "action camera" for a wider field of view is also possible with the ultra-wide lens with a 155-degree view.

Lastly, the Macro Pro Lens Set provides edge-to-edge clarity using different levels of photo magnification at 7x, 14x and 21x. The lenses are also ideal for getting less pincushion distortion. For a clearer image with just the right depth, Olloclip added the InstaFocus hoods to make it automatic for the iPhone 7.

The new Olloclip lenses will arrive this November and are available on their website by pre-order.

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