Sony Introduces Playstation VR on "The Future of Play Tour" in Manchester

Sony hopes to make a striking comeback after it went out of the limelight as the maker of revolutionary gadgets. With the evolution of technology, virtual reality is one of the most talked-about trends which drove the company to create its own version. 

Sony is now ready to introduce its new playstation VR in what they're calling "The Future of Play Tour."

A demo game for virtual reality players is set on October 27-30 at Old Granada Studios, Studio Six, Quay Street. The demo allows the gamers to try the brand new virtual reality headset on a number of games for the PlayStation 4.  In order to take part in this try out, virtual reality gamers should be ages 12 and over. The tryout in Machester lets people decide whether the playstation is worth the price.  "The Future of Play Tour" will be in Machester by the end of the month.

Reviews on the PlayStation VR has rolled out for the past weeks mostly involving the headset's reliability on the motion-control aspect. On the following month, it will release its latest versions of PS4 Pro and PS4.  Most complaints are regarding the motion sickness brought about by the headset. In fact, according to contributor Paul Tassi, "PSVR will be more "low-end" than the Rift and Vive, in terms of its capabilities, and unfortunately the biggest PSVR story that came out of E3 this year was a specific demo (Resident Evil 7) that was making even VR veterans motion sick. While I doubt the retail release is going to produce that effect on a larger scale, I do worry that PSVR may struggle to find a wide audience, despite the PS4 install base."

Here are a few of the titles that are available for the try out games namely, Gotham adventure Batman: Arkham VR, alien shooter Farpoint, racer DRIVECLUB VR, primordial dinosaur adventure Robinson: The Journey, all-action sports shooter RIGS Mechanized Combat League, survival horror Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, sci-fi thriller Eve Valkyrie, football challenge Headmaster, horror shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, PlayStation VR Worlds and the VR reboot of first-person tank warfare classic Battlezone.

Whether Sony's comeback is a good one or not, we'll find out in the coming days.

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