Netgear's New Arlo Pro Introduces More Innovations In Wireless Security Cameras

By Jiran , Oct 11, 2016 10:50 PM EDT

Netgear is not a stranger to wireless technology. In fact, the company's Wi-Fi routers have been thriving. Now, Netgear seems to incorporate the technology in security cameras as well. The new Arlo Pro is not short of innovative features.

Netgear's Senior Vice President for Arlo products Pat Collins is very proud of their newest offering. He revealed that it will provide the most innovative, intelligent and easy-to-use security service.

Arlo Pro Features

According to Tech Times, the Arlo Pro has certain similarities from the previous Arlo. They can be both used anywhere in and around the house. The absence of wires makes it portable. It also means that users don't have to worry about cords. However, users are given the option to plug it in.

It also has an advanced motion detection feature. It is embedded with wide-angle PIR motion sensor. This will ensure that every movement is captured. Nothing escapes from the Arlo Pro camera especially with its 130 degrees wide-angle lens.

The camera can also send alerts to your mobile app. This adds to its awesome portability.

Arlo Pro's Innovative Features

Arlo Pro is now powered by rechargeable batteries. These are not the typical batteries. For instance, the batteries of the previous Arlo are replaceable.

Netgear claims that the batteries for the Arlo Pro will last for six months. That's only on a single charge. This will be the answer to the issue of uninterrupted security.

The Arlo Pro camera is also designed to withstand rain and heat. Its IP65 certification means that it can be exposed to such weather condition outside your home. It also doesn't compromise the quality of your video recording.

According to Netgear, its HD quality is much better than ever before. It is also equipped with night vision. The Arlo Pro can adjust itself at night.

Another exciting feature for the Arlo Pro is its two-way audio. It has built-in microphone and speaker. This lets users listen to the noise the camera is picking up. People can also speak through the mic using their smartphones.

Speaking of audio, its smart siren feature has been measured to be at 100 and more decibels. That loud siren is potentially damaging and deafening to a person. This feature can be triggered by motion or audio. It is extremely useful to prevent crimes.

Netgear offers a 7-day free cloud storage for motion and audio-triggered recordings. There is also an optional local backup storage. Users only have to connect a USB drive to the Arlo Pro base station.

Arlo Pro Price

According to Engadget, the base Arlo Pro system costs $250. It is already available now. You need to have another $190 for an extra camera, $60 for a battery charging station and $50 for an extra battery.

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