Ben And Lauren: Happily Ever After?' Show Allegedly Scripted And Fake

Many fans of the couple Ben and Lauren were disappointed with the new reality series "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?" in Freeform. According to reports, many viewers could already tell the teaser trailer was fake and the first episode did not change their mind.

"Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?" is a spin-off reality series from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette". As the title suggest, the series will follow the lives of the couple and the challenges they meet as they plan their wedding and move into their new house in Denver.

 In one of the recent interviews of the couple, Lauren explains that she was not quite ready when the offer for a reality show was given. She said "I think we both definitely took some convincing but maybe me more so than Ben. I think I was just worried. I just was ready to go back. I'm a little bit more shy, I think. Ben's definitely more confident about being in front of the camera so I was just a little wary."

Fans took their rants online saying " Seriously? Seriously? That is the furthest thing from genuine l have seen in reality tv. Obviously, they are not actors, but this was just so cringy." Another user, who admits being a fan of the two, said: "I love them so much but even I had to admit this was just so scripted." 

These comments came after a teaser trailer was posted when the couple was going on air at the "After the Final Rose Special". Just as the two were heading into the show, it looked like the two were in an argument where Lauren says "I didn't have a choice. I feel like you just said 'Yes' for both of us, but it's fine," to which Ben responded with "Now I feel bad for coming here..." but the scene was cut short as the two were given the cue to go on stage.

"Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?" airs every Tuesday on Freeform.

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