Nintendo NX Employee Spills On Console Features, Price And Bundles

By Adie Pie , Oct 12, 2016 02:44 AM EDT

There has been no shortage of theories and estimates regarding the Nintendo NX. Particularly because the scheduled release is just a few months away, fans are clamoring at a new idea or possibility of how the console might be. However, new reports are now focusing on an individual who claims to be an employee in a large retailer and therefore has insider information on the gaming device.

As Tech Radar notes, the reported specs of the Nintendo NX will have 4K video compatibility. That is, that players can use the unit to stream in 4K quality. Furthermore, players will be able to play at 1080p and 60fps while at home and 900p while outside.

This is just added proof that the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid console, which can easily go from home-docked to portable. And because of the specs provided by the leaker, it is expected that the device will run on a version of the Tegra Chip. This was initially found within Nvidia's Shield TV, so players can expect to receive the same graphics quality.

The pricing of the device was also provided. Apparently, the base device will set back a buyer by US$299.00, which is at the same price range that Nintendo had for the Wii U. However, a bundle will cost US$399.99. Unfortunately, what will be included in the bundle were undisclosed.

If the leak proves to be right, demo units will start appearing in stores by February for testing. Furthermore, at least four game titles are expected to be launched with the Nintendo NX, including a new addition to the "Mario" franchise. A game is also expected from Ubisoft, as its CEO Yves Guillemot has applauded the upcoming console.

Yahoo! News adds that the Nintendo NX will be slightly larger than the Wii U. Reportedly, it will also be available for a while and blue color scheme. But like most of its products, Nintendo will keep the design simple and modern.

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