Galaxy Note 7 Refund: How To Get Your Money Back

After Samsung totally killed off production for its faulty Galaxy Note 7, the next thing that consumers have to face is how to get their Galaxy Note 7 refund. The process might seem easy. But it can be more complicated without knowing the right process of how the refund should be done especially with different carriers to consider.

The First Four Things Every Galaxy Note 7 Owner Should Do

According to analysts, there are still about two million Galaxy Note 7s out there. Users who still have their handsets are asked to do four major things: power it off, do not recharge it anymore, keep it away from public transport, especially from airplanes and trains, and visit the local provider from where their Note 7 was purchased to go through the process of refund.

Refund Policies Every Consumer Should Know

Since the Galaxy Note 7 has been distributed worldwide, official retailers and carriers have their own specific policies for the refund process.

Consumers who bought their handsets directly from Samsung can call the company at 844-365-6197 for a refund. Samsung will also send a fireproof box to send the Note 7 back in. Amazon has also confirmed a full refund on their website but customers have to contact them for complete details.

AT&T allows a full refund for both the Note 7 handset and its accessories. Consumers also have the choice of getting another handset. Choosing a new one from Samsung will earn consumers a $25 credit on their next bill. Sprint and Verizon has almost the same procedure, but there is no mention of the $25 bill credit for the latter.

T-Mobile customers can exchange their handsets from any T-Mobile retail store and ask for a full refund or choose another smartphone. Restocking fees are also waived for pre-ordered phones. They will also give a bill credit of $25 for two bill cycles. Best Buy allows a full refund and exchange and consumers can keep free items that came in with their handset.

Galaxy Note 7 Refund Policies In Other Countries

In South Korea, the refund program will run until the end of the year until Dec. 31. Consumers who choose to exchange their Note 7 for another Samsung smartphone will get a mobile voucher worth 30,000 Korean won or roughly $27.

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