Ricoh's New Theta SC Is A More Affordable Version Of Its 360-degree Cameras

By Jiran , Oct 13, 2016 02:51 AM EDT

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp has just released their new 360-degree camera. The new Richo Theta SC is more affordable than its previous Theta cameras. The smaller handheld Theta SC is now available for only $300.

Theta SC's Main Features

Ricoh's President Kaz Eguchi have told PR Newswire that the Theta SC is made to appeal to more people. The exciting digital format that it offers will fascinate younger and amateur photographers.

Its inexpensive price doesn't compromise that of its quality. The new Theta SC is especially useful in taking 360-degree photos and videos.

According to the PC Mag, it is able to capture high-resolution, fully spherical images with an estimated 14MP output. This is caused by a mixture of bright, large-aperture twin-lens folded optics and a large image sensor. It's similar to Theta S' f/2.0 maximum aperture.

A good thing about the Theta SC is the reduced noise. It will also work in low-light conditions.

It will also be able to transfer photos and videos to your Theta smartphone app. The user can upload images to Theta's website. They can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Maps, Google+ and YouTube. The app will give more control to the users in making necessary adjustments.

Another interesting feature is its ability to display live footage. Though it needs to be synchronized first with a smartphone, tablet or computer. This will help the user to easily determine the changes made in the image. It is able to display images both in full-screen and panorama.

The drawback is Theta SC's limited 8GB internal storage. It can only contain 1,600 photos or an hour of Full HD video.


The Theta SC is integrated with a LED indicator on its front panel. It also has a still-image and video switching button on the side panel. Users will still be at ease to use it even without their smartphone, tablet or computer.

There's also an option for a weather resistant case. It is designed to have a tripod socket.

An Updated Theta S App

Ricoh has also announced that they are going to update the Theta S app. It will be both available for iOS and Android devices.

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