Amazon's Music Streaming Service Now Available

By Edge Ison , Oct 12, 2016 11:58 PM EDT

Music lovers rejoice! Amazon has released its own on-demand music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited.

This new service will rival popular music tools like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music. Amazon made a few adjustments to distance itself from these other services.

The most glaring and exciting difference is the price. Music Unlimited is available to current members of Amazon Prime for only $7.99 per month. In other words, you can enjoy your favorite music for one whole year for less than $80. Non-Prime members can also avail of this service for just $10 a month. The best thing about this is it comes without the advertisements that are common in other music streaming apps. Furthermore, Music Unlimited allows you access to "tens of millions" of songs courtesy of the three major record labels and hundreds of indie labels, as well.

An additional $3.99 per month will allow the listeners to enjoy Echo, the voice-controlled smart speaker from Amazon. Echo was released a couple of years ago and recently came out with a new version of the Dot. Those who already have Echo devices can readily have access to Alexa, the Dot's voice app similar to Siri. Amazon slashed the price of the new Dot to half to allow more people to benefit from the numerous voice-activated tasks it is capable of doing.

With the help of the Echo and Alexa, one can easily choose what to play by simply telling them the title of the song, the artist or band, the album title, the genre, or even the mood of the music. Perhaps the best of the new features is that listeners can request a song just by saying the lyrics or mentioning part of the title.

Another new feature of Music Unlimited is the Side-by-Side wherein commentaries from the artists go with some of their songs or tracks. This feature starts off with artists like Norah Jones, The Chainsmokers, One Republic and a few dozens more.

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