Tom Clancy's The Division PTS Closing Temporarily, Update 1.4 Release Date Revealed

One of the biggest things that has ever happened to Tom Clancy's The Division is the so-called Public Test Server. It is where fans (who are in the PC platform) are able to test any forthcoming contents or update, so as to help the developers in fixing the game. And sure enough, it was a very interesting feature for the community to experience. While it's slated to end anytime soon, it won't be gone forever.

The Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server has been there for almost 3 weeks, furnishing the upcoming update 1.4. But as stated in the official Ubisoft forums, the said server "will wrap up" as soon as Week 3 passes. Obviously, fans are wondering what the future of PTS is. Or, simply put, if it ever gets back to reality.

Fortunately, the studio have seen overwhelming reception and success from the whole Tom Clancy's The Division community. That the Public Test Server, as it was purposely designed, lived up to the expectations. So, as a result, it will be utilized in the future for more updates and whatnots. It remains a mystery, however, as to when the company will bring it back.

There are Tom Clancy's The Division players who believe that the PTS might be re-introduced prior to the release of Survival DLC. It's worth noting that the latter was postponed, as the developers aimed to fix the amount of fixes and bugs reported within the game.

The fact that the Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server will be brought back is proof that Massive is all in with idea of letting players test any forthcoming features or updates. That they want the community to test whatever there's to test prior to deploying them to the official server.

Furthermore, the highly anticipated Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.4 is expected to arrive anytime this month. As previously reported here at iTech Post, the studio has a released a full detailed list of all the changes coming to the game's Loot system, with the notion that the said update will be released before the month ends. Obviously, there are more, but it's up to the company when they'll unveil them.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server? Are you on PC and was able to join the test phase? What do you think about it? What are your expectations for update 1.4? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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